About NBC2


To coordinate local and regional efforts into a national biomanufacturing education and training system to promote, create, and sustain a qualified workforce.


To be the nationally recognized center of excellence that develops a world-class sustainable biomanufacturing workforce to improve the quality of life.


In May 2008, NBC2 members gathered for a strategic planning session. Twenty-two industry partners from nine states along with fourteen education partners from ten states participated. The group developed a shared vision, mission, goals and outcomes for the continuation of NBC2. The shared vision for NBC2 is: To be the nationally-recognized center of excellence that develops a world-class sustainable biomanufacturing workforce to improve the quality of life.

To accomplish this goal, the NBC2 supports the local development and growth of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and crossover industries that use bio-production methods in the United States by providing curriculum and hands-on instructional materials based on harmonized global biopharmaceutical industry skill standards and by mentoring biomanufacturing programs at community colleges, high schools and universities. Knitted together, the local biomanufacturing infrastructure, led by NBC2, will provide the northeast region and national biomanufacturing sector with skilled employees that will sustain the sector locally, regionally, nationally and globally. The result will be an infrastructure to support and grow the biomanufacturing sector and the emergence of a national and global bioeconomy. The NBC2 will collect data on biomanufacturing career pathways that can be used to demonstrate the success of our students and encourage others to engage in a career pathway in biomanufacturing. The goals of the NBC2 include:

  1. Build and foster local partnerships between industry, educational institutions, and government to create sustainable learning communities around biomanufacturing clusters.
  2. Enhance, expand, and use the NBC2 Global Biomanufacturing Curriculum at www.biomanufacturing.org based on the global harmonized biopharmaceutical biomanufacturing industry skill standards in response to industry needs.
  3. Provide professional development opportunities for all members of the NBC2 including faculty, teachers, and students.
  4. Disseminate information on biomanufacturing education and training, workforce statistics and career opportunities.
  5. Plan for sustainability of the NBC2 including both fiscal needs and maintaining and developing the local, regional and national biomanufacturing education and training and workforce infrastructure.



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The Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative (NBC2) is a National Science Foundation - Advanced Technological Education Center specified by NSF Award DUE #1204974