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The MBCC Biotechnology Programs offers undergraduate science programs specifically for nontraditional students. The Biotech program started in 1993; Marine Biotech in 1995; and the Forensic DNA Science program started in 1995. The training emphasis is in the areas of recombinant DNA technology, protein chemistry, cell culture and immunology, and chromatography (with a special emphasis on High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Teaching technologies also include molecular biology and genetic engineering. Graduates, including 12 in 2006, are eligible for entry-level technical positions in a wide range of disciplines including biomanufacturing. Approximately 54 percent of Biotech students enter industry and the program's placement rate is 100 percent. Companies hiring graduates include SBH Sciences; Genzyme; Organogenesis, and Mattech. The Biotechnology Program prepares students for the pursuit of advanced degrees in the sciences and holds articulation agreements with a number of prestigious baccalaureate institutions nationwide.