NCTM, College Station, Texas, August 7 2014, TX Teachers Tour Facility Proposed to Make Ebola Therapy in Tobacco Leaves

Every summer NBC2 offers biomanufacturing workshops to teachers around the nation to raise the awareness of opportunities for high school students to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career pathways in biomanufacturing.  These Protein is Ca$h workshops, which take place at community college and university laboratories, include the theory and hands-on of biomanufacturing and offer tours of local industry facilities. 


When the teachers go back to their classrooms they are prepared to use the NBC2 teaching materials in their classes and are able to demonstrate opportunities for local employment and local education in biomanufacturing.

This week a dozen high school teachers participated in NBC2’s Protein is Ca$h workshop hosted by the National Center for Therapeutics Medicine at Texas A&M in College Station, TX.   Hands-on activities included Pipetting Olympics, Production and Quality Control of a Biopharmaceutical and Isolation of a Cellulosic Enzyme for Biofuels Production.  Tours of two biopharmaceutical companies associated with Texas A&M included Kaylon Biotherapeutics and Caliber Biotherapeutics.  Caliber has been suggested as the biomanufacturing facility that will produce millions of doses of the therapy for Ebola in tobacco leaves.

The following article in the New York Times describes the current situation regarding therapy against the Ebola virus: