Protein Is Cash 2010

June, 2010



2010 LAB MANUAL (Click to Download)


March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 10th University of Rhode Island, at Providence, RI
March 22-25th Hudson Valley CC at Troy, NY
April 20-23rd Minuteman Technical HS, Lexington, MA
June 14-18th Hillsborough CC at Brandon, FL
June 22-26th Mesa CC at Mesa, AZ
Day One ~ Facilities and Metrology
Power Point Overview:     So, What Is Biomanufacturing?
Power Point Laboratory:     Metrology Instrumentation and Its Limits
Power Point Laboratory:     Pipette Calibration
Video:     Mike Cicio, Bench Top to Bottle
Article 1:     Biotech Set To Dominate Drug Industry Growth, Evaluate Pharma, June 17, 2009 
Article 2:     Biotech, The Community Way, Nature, Volume 458, March 2009

Day Two ~ Transformation and Upstream Processing
Power Point Overview:     Discovery Research and Cell Culture
Power Point Laboratory:     Transformation and Production
Video:     Tim Charlebois, Technology and Opportunities in Mammalian Cell Culture
Article 1:     Arnold Demain, Microbial Biotechnology
Article 2:     Arnold Demain, Small Bugs Big Business: The Economic Power of the Microbe
Article 3:     Tilman Gerngross, Therapeutics in Yeast
Article 4:     GlycoFi, Scientists Report Full Humanization of Yeast Glycosylation Pathway
Article 5:     Florian M Wurm, Therapeutics in Animal Cells
Article 6:     Ian Freshney, Culture of Animal Cells - Scale Up
Article 7:     Kristof De Schutter et al, Genome sequence of the recombinant protein production host Pichia pastoris
Article 8:     A. Varki et al, Essentials of glycobiology
Image 1:     Pichia pastoris
Image 2:     Escherichia coli
Image 3:     CHO Cells
Animation:     Inner Life of the Cell

Day Three ~ Downstream Processing
Power Point Overview:     Downstream Processing in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Power Point Laboratory:     Introduction to GFP Chromatography
Virtual Laboratory:     Virtual Chromatography Laboratory (to login enter your email address and the password: teachbio)
Article 1:     GFP The green fluorescent protein: discovery, expression and development (Nobel Address 2008)
Article 2:     Purification by Liquid Chromatography
Animation:     Column Chromatography
Order Free Poster:     Fluorescent Proteins Illuminate Cell Biology
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Day Four ~ Quality Control Biochemistry
Power Point Overview:     Quality Control Biochemistry
Power Point Laboratory:     SDS-PAGE

Day Five ~ Pre-Clinical Animal and Human Clinical Trials
Power Point Overview:     Clinical Trials
Power Point Laboratory:     FDA API Inspections
Video:     Barbara Immel, cGMPs in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Article 1:     Barbara Immel, A Brief History of the GMPs
Article 2:     Biomanufacturing Acronyms
Article 3:     Gary Walsh, Biopharmaceutical Benchmarks, Table of Biopharmaceuticals
Article 4:     Thomson Reuters, This Years New Drugs and Biologics -2009
Article 5:     Fresh from the Biologic Pipeline - 2009: Human antibodies take center stage, as they pile up in the list of approved biologics in 2009.

Appendix: Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing Careers
ATV TV Video 1:     What Is Biomanufacturing?
ATV TV Video 2:     Student Profiles
ATV TV Video 3:     Products From Living Cells
ATV TV Video 4:     What Is An SOP?
ATV TV Video 5:     Community College Programs
ATV TV Video 6:     Influencing Quality of Life

Rhode Island Protein Is Cash Workshop Attendees and Instructors
Rhode Island
Consortium, Providence, RI

March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 10, 2010
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View RI HS Preparation in Bioscience & Math

Albany Area
Consortium, Troy, NY

March 22-25, 2010
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Video from Community Television
( from Albany/Schenectady/Troy)

Photo Slideshow (Greg Panzanaro)
View NY HS Preparation in Bioscience & Math
Marine Biotechnology in Berlin, NY

Minuteman Reg. HS
Lexington, MA

April 20-23, 2010
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Photo Slideshow
Massachusetts Genetown Map
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Hillsborough CC
Tampa, FL

June 14-18, 2010

Mesa CC
Mesa, AZ

June 22-26, 2010
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Arizona City OKs $200K for Life Sciences

View AZ HS Preparation in Bioscience & Math