Free Curriculum

The following education and training modules provide additional immediately available resources to support biomanufacturing education and training, and the workforce:

Biofuels    15MB .jpg file format
A large format hi resolution file covering 4 aspects of the Biofuels industry. These areas include; 'Growing Oil in Microalgae', 'Bioethanol from Corn', 'Growning Hydrogen in Bacteria' and 'Bioethanol from Cellulose'. Developed from content pioneered by education and industry partners of NBC2 including Finger Lakes Community College, MiraCosta College and Bio-Rad.

Manufacturing Training to support the Bio-economy    4MB .pdf file format
A large format hi resolution file developed for the AAAS Community College Forum on Biotechnology Education on February 17, 2011. Assembled by NBC2 Co-PI Tom Burkett of the Community College of Baltimore County with input and contributions from various partners in education and industry. Content is focussed primarily on the role of the NBC2 as it relates to biomanufacturing training.

Tour of a Pilot Plant for Biopharmaceutical Protein Production
Tour of the Media and Buffer Prep Area
Tour of the Upstream Processing Area
Tour of the Downstream Processing Area
All the above are best viewed at:

Environmental Health and Safety:
Root Cause Analysis Program

Bioreactor Vessel Sterilization Validation Protocol
Forward Flow Filter Integrity Test for TFF System Protocol
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Method Validation Protocol

Upstream Processing:
SOP: Large-Scale Batch Culture of E. coli Recombinant for Jellyfish Green Fluorescent Protein (in process)
Batch Record: Large-Scale Batch Culture of E. coli Recombinant for Jellyfish Green Fluorescent Protein (in process)

Pichia pastoris BioFlo3000 Inoculation Video

Large Scale Bioreactor Video from FAS Biopharma Collaboration
A training video developed by NBC2 while at the FAS - Biopharma Training Facility in County Cork, Ireland 2008
Time = 6:50 File size = 21 meg
View or download the Web video here.
Time = 6:50 File size = 134 meg
View or download Full Screen video here.

Downstream Processing:
SOP: Protein A Chromatography of IgG
SOP: Preparation of Protein A Chromatography Column
SOP: Biologic LP Protein A Chromatography Equipment SOP
SOP: Programming of Biologic LP Chromatography System for
      Protein A Chromatography

SOP: Ion Exchange Chromatography of GFP
SOP: Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography of GFP
SOP: Gel Filtration Chromatography of GFP

Virtual Chromatography Laboratory based on Actual Chromatography Laboratory

Quality Control – Microbiology:
SOP: BioLog
SOP: BioLog Turbidimeter

Quality Control – Biochemistry:
SOP: HPLC Equipment SOP for Analytical Chromatography of GFP
SOP: HPLC Process SOP for Analytical Chromatography of GFP

Biomanufacturing for High Schools:
Process Logic Control Using Robo-Lego – ROBOLAB
Curriculum Outline – 15 Week Introduction to the Bioeconomy (Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing) with Power Points and Hands-On Labs (in process)