David Bradley

Job Title: 
Science Officer, FYT Fuels


David Bradley is the Science Officer for FYT Fuels. He brings over 30 years of chemistry and engineering expertise to this effort and is responsible for the unique technology of the FYT approach to biodiesel. He has also been involved in environmental consultancy as well as wind turbine, ethanol, biogas, renewable ammonia and other renewable fuels related efforts.

He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from SUNYAB. He worked for over 20 years at Allied Chemicals/Honeywell on numerous research, production and engineering efforts as well as many chemistry projects. These projects ranged from coatings, monomer production, refrigerant, electronic/semiconductor materials and pharmaceutical intermediates at laboratory, pilot plant and tonnage scale production volumes. While at Allied, he was responsible for design, construction and/or operation of numerous manufacturing efforts. He also invented/helped develop many new compounds in the coatings (fluorinated and “regular”), stereolithography and UV curable materials sectors. Additionally, numerous process improvements to existing and proposed projects were proposed and/or installed.

To date he holds 15 patents, with several more applied for via FYT Fuels. He specialized in the application of vacuum operations, especially wiped film evaporation and assembling complex systems in an efficient manner.

FYT Fuels
United States