Holly Rousseau

Job Title: 
Office Manager, White Mountain Biodiesel LLC


White Mountain Biodiesel (WMBD) is a facility that manufacturers biodiesel from recycled cooking oils. WMBD started producing biodiesel in the beginning of 2010 producing around 5,000 gallons per a month, by 2011 WMBD was producing 20,000 gallons per a month. Then by the beginning of 2012 WMBD was producing 60,000 gallons per a month, by the end of 2013 WMBD was producing 180,000 gallons per a month. Today WMBD is producing 300,000 gallons per a month and continue to increase production until we reach the goal of 15,000,000 gallons per a year. I started with the company back in 2012. When I first started with WMBD we were collecting our own recycled cooking oils from restaurants. We had our own trucks with pumps and collected from all over the New England area. As our production was increasing we no longer were collecting enough recycled cooking oils to keep up with our demand. We decided to sell the collection route to a nearby distributor of recycled cooking oils and start purchasing the oil directly from distributors. My responsibilities for the company go far beyond Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. The beginning of my process starts with logging every single delivery we receive of recycled cooking oils, methanol, sodium hydroxide, and several other chemicals. I also log every truck leaving the facility with a load of biodiesel. The purpose of having to log this information is for a company called Genscape. They are our RIN insurance company. A RIN is a Renewable Identification Number which is a serial number assigned to a batch of biofuel for the purpose of tracking its production, use, and trading as required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) implemented according to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the EPA is authorized to set annual quotas dictating what percentage of the total amount of motor fuels consumed in the US must be represented by biofuel blended into fossil fuels. Companies that refine, import or blend fossil fuels are obligated to meet certain individual RFS quotas based on the volume of fuel they introduce into the market. By fulfilling these requirements, the EPA projects that the industry will collectively satisfy the overall national quota they set. To ensure compliance, obligated parties are periodically required to demonstrate they have met their RFS quota by submitting a certain amount of RINs to the EPA. Because each of these RINs represent an amount of biofuel that has been blended into fossil fuels, the RINs submitted to the EPA by obligated parties are a quantitative representation of the amount of biofuel that has been blended into the fossil fuels used in America. Now knowing what a RIN is Genscape monitors our facility with cameras, collects information on a daily basis and does a yearly site visit to confirm we are producing biodiesel and generating valid RINS. I have several responsibilities related to the RINS. I must generate 1.5 RINS with the EPA for every gallon of biodiesel WMBD produces within 5 business days. After I have generated several RINS I must take the responsibility of separating the RINS from the fuel if the purchasing party decides not to take the RIN with the fuel. If the RIN is separated it than becomes freely transferable and can be transferred to any party registered with EPA. RINS have value and the value changes daily. The second important part of my responsibilities include several reports that are either due on a monthly or quarterly basis with the EPA, IRS, State of New Hampshire, NBB and the USDA. All reports that I complete are based on all the numbers that WMBD generates on a daily basis including quantity of recycled cooking oil that is either collected or used to produce a gallon of biodiesel. The quantity of chemicals that are purchased and used to produce a gallon of biodiesel. The quantity of biodiesel produced, sold, used for on road and used in the facilities boiler. I must also report all purchasing parties and transporter parties purchasing our biodiesel. The remaining responsibilities I have are to oversee that we are keeping valid inventory on all process parts for a gallon of biodiesel according to our accounting program. That all our registrations and certifications are up to date with the EPA and all associated departments with the State of New Hampshire. Lastly I’m responsible for all reporting of Human Resources including hiring forms, reporting with the DOL, all applicable insurance and 401k policy’s WMBD offers and payroll.

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