Kelly Takaya King

Job Title: 
Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies and Co-founder and Chair, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance


Kelly King is the Vice President of Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, LLC, having co-founded the renewable energy company with her husband Robert King in 1995.  Well known as an industry pioneer, Pacific Biodiesel was created to alleviate the disposal of waste cooking oil at Maui’s landfill and became the first commercial biodiesel company in the U.S.  As director of Marketing & Communications, Kelly has helped sell and/or develop 13 biodiesel plants built by Pacific Biodiesel in the U.S. and Japan, and the company’s community-based biodiesel model has become a standard for the sustainable renewable fuel industry.


In 2006, together with Daryl Hannah and Willie and Annie Nelson, Kelly co-founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, a national non-profit organization that is developing a certification process for sustainable biodiesel practices.  In Hawaii, Kelly has been active as a board member on many local non-profits and served as an elected member of the Hawaii State Board of Education, representing Maui County from 1994-98.  She currently serves as a board member of the following organizations:


  • Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (Chair)

  • Hawaii Renewable Energy Alliance

  • Hawaii Energy Policy Forum

  • UHMC Sustainable Sciences Mgmt Advisory Council

Kelly’s current agriculture-related projects with Pacific Biodiesel include overseeing a Congressional appropriation project in collaboration with the U.S. Army to test military-based biodiesel fuel crops in Hawaii as well as an SBIR grant project to develop a value-added by-product that holds great promise as a solution to the taro farmers’ soil amendment and apple snail problems.