A. Stephen Dahms

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Job Title: 
VP, Academic-Industry-Government Affairs
Advisory Board Member


Consulting Vice President, Academic, Industry, and Government Affairs, Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) the trade organization for the Greater LA Region’s over 900 bioscience companies. Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry/Chemistry (San Diego State U 1972-present). President/CEO Emeritus Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering (2006-present), Executive Director of CSUPERB (biotechnology education and research program of the 23 campus California State University system 1985-2006), Director SDSU Molecular Biology Institute (1974-91), Director of the SDSU Center for Biopharmaceutical and Biodevice Development (1994-2006). Past Boards of Directors positions: Biotechnology Industry Organization (and member BIO Board IP and Board Technology Transfer Committees), BIO Emerging Company Section, Council of Biotechnology Centers/BIO (Chair), BayBIO, BIOCOM, SoCalBio, California Healthcare Institute. Past Chair of the workforce and labor committees for BIOCOM, SoCalBio, BayBIO, BIO and past chair of education committees for 4 professional societies. Education and research training committee activities of the OECD, COBIOTECH, the European Federation of Biotechnology, and the International Human Proteome Organization.


Professional Preparation

B.S., 1965, Chemistry, College of Saint Thomas (St. Paul, MN)

Ph.D., 1969, Michigan State University, Biochemistry, Competitive NIH Predoctoral Fellowship 1966-69

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 1969-72, with Nobel Prize Laureate (Chemistry) Paul D. Boyer, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology Institute, UCLA;  NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, and Atomic Energy Commission Postdoctoral Research Scholar.


Academic Appointments

1972-1975 Assistant Professor Chemistry, San Diego State University

1975-1977 Associate Professor of Chemistry San Diego State University

1977-2006 Full Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Diego State University

1974-1992, Founding Director, Molecular Biology Institute, San Diego State University

1986-2006, Executive Director, California State University 23-Campus System-wide Biotechnology Education and Research Program (CSUPERB)

1992-1996, Director, Biotechnology Research and Training Program, San Diego State University

1996-2006, Director, Center for Bio/Pharmaceutical and Biodevice Development, San Diego State University

2006-present, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Diego State University


Other Professional Appointments

1979-present, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior Research Fellow

2006-2011, President and CEO, Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering

2011-onwards, President and CEO Emeritus, Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering

2011-present, Kavli Foundation Fellow

2011-present, Consulting Vice President, Academic, Industry, and Government Affairs, Southern California Biomedical Council, the trade organization for the Greater LA Region’s over 900 medical device, in vitro diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies. Among a number of industry- and academic-focused activities, he is currently leading efforts across Southern California: to consolidate and expand college bioscience industries education, workforce development and training activities; to develop specific intersegmental and multi-campus training complexes; and to facilitate industry, federal and state funding thereof.


Current Boards of Directors, Scientific Advisory Boards and Committees

1995-present, Ress-Stealy Research Foundation  BOD

1998-present, American Friends of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation BOD

1999-present, National Academy of Sciences Roundtable on Biomed Engineering Materials and Apps

2005-present, Chinese National (Key) Laboratory for Biomedical Photonics (Wuhan, China) SAB

2006-present, TT-Ventures/Fondazione Cariplo SAB (largest Italian venture fund, Milan)

2008-present, Federal Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee (Commerce Dept))

2009-present, Moorpark Community College, College of the Canyons, and LA Valley College SABs

2013-present, Doris Howell Foundation SAB


Notable National Past Board and Committee Appointments Relevant to the NSF Planning Grant

1990-1996, Committee of Examiners, Grad Record Examination for Cell/Molec Bio and Biochemistry

1993-1998, National Biosciences Industry Skills Standards Project Scientific Advisory Committee

1993-2006, National Academy of Sciences Federal Demonstration Partnership

1993-2009, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Company Section Governing Body

1993-2009, U.S. Council of Biotechnology Centers; BOD chair 1996-2006

1996-2005, BIO National Workforce Development Committee Chair

2001-2006, Associate Editor, Biochem & Molecular Biology Education (Editor, Biotechnology Section)

2002-2008, BIO BOD (also, Board IP Committee and Board Technology Transfer Committee

2006-2010, AdvaMed Associates


Notable California Past Board and Committee Appointments, Relevant to the NSF Planning Grant

1983-2002, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Bio Education Committee (Chair 1986-88)

1993-1997, Federations of Societies for Experimental Biology Education Committee

1993-2006, Coordinator, 2 year Prof MS Degrees in Reg Affairs and Biomed Quality Systems, SDSU

1995-2006, BODs, BIOCOMsandiego, Southern CA Biomedical Council (SCBC), and BayBio

1995-2006, Chair Workforce/Labor/Education Committees, BIOCOMsandiego, SCBC, and BayBio

2003-2006, BOD, U.S. Human Proteome Organization

2003-2006, Education Committee, Human Proteome Organization



1967-2002, 86 Peer-reviewed biochemistry and molecular biology research publications

2002-2007, 28 Articles in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education on the biotechnology workforce


Other Relevant Background Matters

From 1986-2006, in additional to his professorial and university activities, he also held the 23 university system-wide management position of Executive Director of CSUPERB, the biotechnology education and research program in the California State University (CSU) system, the nation's largest university system, a program designed to address the community college and university sectors and to bring together various diverse elements from engineering, sciences, and business in a robust, coordinated multi-campus, intersegmental endeavor to address the medical device, biotechnology, and bio/pharmaceutical industries; in this role he led or facilitated the creation of a number of community college outreach and integration programs and was the PI on several NSF RUI and NIH Sgrants designed to train and retrain community college faculty in the molecular biosciences.  He has served on ATE review panels and as an ad hoc reviewer on other related proposals.

As Chairman of the BIO National Biotechnology Workforce Development Committee, he was responsible for initiating, coordinating and publishing a variety of university/college and biotechnology industry surveys of the biotech and related workforce. He served as the official BIO representative on workforce matters to the Government Accountability Office, the Departments of Labor and Commerce, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, NIH, NSF and other Federal agencies and spoken to various Congressional and Senatorial Committees. He has published widely on bioscience industries workforce and spoken at a number of national and international meetings on the topic of the U.S. bioscience industry. As former Chair of the BIO committee he remains engaged in speaking to college faculty and administrators and workforce development agencies regarding industry-specified education and training needs.

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