Sulatha Dwarakanath

Professional Title: 
Job Title: 
Co-Ordinator of Bioscience Credentials TAACCCT-DOL for Austin Community College, Austin TX


Dr. Sulatha Dwarakanath is the Co-Ordinator of Bioscience Credentials TAACCCT-DOL for Austin Community College, Austin TX . She has a wide background in Biomanufacturing, Nanotechnology, Diagnostic Assay Development, especially Clinical Diagnostic Assays for Point of Care Testing. As an adjunct faculty in the Biotechnology Department at Austin Community College, she has worked on Skills Standards, Curriculum Development for the emerging biotech markets in Texas, such as Biomanufacturing, Medical Devices. She has previously worked at Bayer Diagnostics (Now Siemens Diagnostics) in their R&D and Clinical Trials Division. She later on worked on POCT IVDex, AccuDx (startup companies). She is also the Co-founder of  Nano Science Diagnostics (NSD) Inc.  She received her Ph.D in Biochemistry from New York University.