Tony Pastrama

Job Title: 
Plant Manager, Pacific Biodiesel


Tony Pastrama has been working in the biofuels industry for more than 10 years, mainly in the biodiesel industry. His experience includes product design and development, quality assurance, and project management. Tony worked directly with the University of Idaho’s biodiesel program where he helped on various projects such as distillation, enzymatic, and supercritical processes. He has consulted with a variety of biodiesel plants around the nation helping refine their process, quality control, and management. As the current plant manager at Pacific Biodiesel’s plant in Keaau Hi (Big Island Biodiesel), he is working with the team to provide distilled biodiesel to customers throughout the state of Hawaii from a variety of feedstocks that are not traditionally used in biodiesel production. Tony has served on city commissions that emphasize positive impacts of sustainability and environmental issues that are becoming increasingly necessary to exist in populated areas.

United States
Hawaii US