William Woodruff

Job Title: 
Director of Biotechnology


Bill Woodruff is a 27 year veteran of teaching in the oldest 2-year Biotechnology training and education program in North Carolina at Alamance Community College (1985).  He has received recognition as the North Carolina BioNetwork Biotechnology Instructor of the year (2008) and was awarded the Academic Development Excellence Award (2012), as well as recognition for his efforts as a Major Contributor to Growing Biotechnology Industry and Education in the Piedmont Triad Region.  He is currently an active participant in grants to expand, enhance and promote Biomanufacturing , stem cell (STEM) education to high school students and the national collaborative effort to develop credentials for the Biotechnology trained students across the many programs in America.  As Department Head he has taken pride over the years in maintaining a program that is current and relevant, adding training at appropriate times in such areas as hybridoma production, biomanufacturing and, most recently, stem cells and applications to regenerative medicine.  The next phase in program expansion will center around biofuels and the application of techniques to the North Carolina goals of becoming a leader in biofuel production. 

Alamance Community College 27253 Graham , NC
United States
Phone: (336) 506-4224
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